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Porsche Panameras are like the Camrys of rich people

I remember back in the day spotting a Porsche on the road was to be celebrated. A slack jaw, some drool, that pang of jealousy... the odd erection or two.

Now I see them all the time. But not the kinds of Porsches that garner the above actions. Panameras. Cayennes. More Panameras.


For the love of all that's holy, I was between TWO Panameras at a stoplight today. In sub-zero temperatures. With fresh snow blowing across the roads. In my beater Camry.

I was behind the black one for quite awhile, then a tan one that I could not capture on my dashcam snuck up behind us at a light, and got into the left turn lane as the black one was on my right. I was in a Panamera sandwich. (Is there a German equivalent of a sandwich? DAS HOAGIE? I dunno)

Don't you people have winter beaters?

*sees "Panamaera 4" badge*


Well it's still not fair.

I want to see REAL Porsches. 911s. Caymans. Boxsters. Even the off 924/944/928/914 would be appreciated more than these bloated hunks of normality.


Seriously. Two, in one day, AT THE SAME INTERSECTION?

Funny license plate though.

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