My gf uncle (he’s 82) just sold his three Porsche’s. All one owner. The models

1958 speedster ( this was the one that made the car show rounds the same ones )

1960 porsche 356b roadster

1964 356 c

He told me the coupe has fiberglass body work done and pretty bad condition but running. The other 2 all original and running. Plus he sold the 58 with and I quote BOXES of parts.

So I know he could afford these as he’s been president of a good company forever. He has 3 kids and none of them wanted them. His wife died about 6 months ago and he decided to sell. I know I can’t afford even one without a 2nd mortgage but he’d never tell me a selling price. Well the last one went a couple weeks ago.

Any idea on pricing or hear anything about these cars or going to auction????

He’s being quiet with family.



Below not actual cars