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Porsche Says "Porsh". Get Over It. (Read To The Bottom)

For years I have seen and heard people arguing over this with supposed aficionados asserting their pedantic dominance over others with the ultimate intent of derailing conversations.

“Hey, automotive confidant, I got to drive a Porsh last weekend and it was amazing! I drove up Angeles Crest and, for the first time in my life, I felt at piece with the world!”


“Dude, it’s Por-SHA, you know that.”

“I know but, I am talking about automotive nirvana, here, buddy!”

“Yeah, but how would you like it if someone said your name wrong?”

“I mean, it’s a company?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Dude, I am bearing my soul to you! How can you waste my time with this crap?!”

“And another thing, you used the wrong “peace”.”

“How can you even know that? I was talking to you, not writing.”

“And it’s “baring”, not “bearing”.”

“Lan-see-ah Stratos, jerkhead.”

I mean, seriously, people. Do you say “Par-reee”? No. “Paris” suffices. Just get over it and go to 3:03 in the video if it doesn’t start at the right place. The GERMAN guy WORKS for Porsche. In the Classic department. In Germany. They say it both ways. *Hope you read that last sentence before you commented!


If you’re serious about not being so serious, please link people to this. But, keep badgering people over there/their/they’re and your/you’re and all of those. Those ones are cool.

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