Hey guys,

This weekend I drove up to Hershey, PA - from Cincinnati, OH - with a bunch of fellow Porsche nerds to the Hershey Swap Meet. It is the largest Porsche only swap meet in the country. I bought some stuff and snapped a few photos.

Here are a few pictures to wet the pallet:

As few of you may know, I am starting up a Porsche Parts and Collectibles business on the internet - The New Garage LLC. Starting with consignment, I had some cash to spend on some parts at the swap and a swooped up some solid deals. I am working on the site every night after work so keep checking in to see what is going on. Full post of the pictures - The New Garage Blog


The GoPro pictures on the Blog are offered in HiRes if you fancy a download. I took these without the GoPro app so I am pretty happy how they came out - I guess I could just 'feel' the photo...

Anyways, check out the pictures and visit my website whenever you want - sure to be updated regularly as I tend to prefer this than what I should be doing at my desk right now.