Well, Graverobber dropped some hints about that in today's NPOCP, seems like he wasn't reading tea leaves or being still hungover from last night. German magazine Der Spiegel released an article stating the same today. They concentrate on politics and fact checking and only do cars on the side. So if they release something like this there must be something to it. 2.0l turbocharged 4-banger in a "real" Porsche? Haven't we been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and moved on? Cars that were born with a VW engine, suffered from a lack of "street-cred" throughout almost all of their lifes and are only now getting the recognition they deserve.

When I heard this, I immediately thought that they were going to put VAG's notorious straight four 2.oh turbo mill that powers about anything that is supposed to be fast these days into it as well. But no! They are working on a V4! A 180 degree V4 to boot as well! And it's supposed to produce 350-400 hp.

Some people might ask, "Is that a boxer engine, then?" No, it isn't. I'll spare you the details and only leave this diagram here. It explains the difference between a boxer and a 180 degree V engine (even if it has two cylinders too many).


But still, it's a bespoke Porsche engine, not the whored-out Seat/Skoda/VW/Audi mill, which while being a good one at what it does, might cause another credibility disaster for Porsche. And you know how they are paying for this extravangancy? By selling a ton of these:


And if you say that a V4 will never produce the same aural treatment a flat six does, don't despair. They will still keep that for the sportier versions.