This was the very first non-member event at Club Motorsports, a brand new (and incredibly scenic) track in New Hampshire. It was raining and everyone was learning the course, so speeds were pretty low. Everyone was playing it safe... except for a driving god in a Z28 Camaro, which he totaled! Too much speed on the straight, so he hydroplaned right into the wall when he finally got on the brakes. Here’s a track map:


Everyone else, including the hero thrashing a 911 cup car on rain tires, was braking shortly after the halfway point on the straight. Camaro man thought he could get away with threshold braking but that was not the case. Fortunately he was fine, but he hit the jersey barriers hard enough that a forklift needed to move them back into place. There was a lot of cleanup and multiple sessions had to be cancelled.

Spectator accommodations are nonexistent, but there’s a nice paved access road that runs alongside 1/3 of the track and provides some excellent views of the track and surrounding mountains. It’s like you’re at a track that also happens to be a national park.


At the moment, the only way for an average Joe to secure some track time here is via some kind of sports car club renting the facility. Individual memberships start at $15k, and go all the way up to $100k. Hopefully that will change once the facility is bringing in more money from club rentals, and the community will have access to HPDE events that are open to everyone.


I tag along with a friend when I go to these Porsche Club of America events, so I can’t speak to what the course is like to drive. That said, all of the drivers I talked to thought it was a great track and couldn’t wait to come back when it’s dry. Compared to Palmer Motorsports Park, the other new-ish New England road course, this setup is much faster and less technical.

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