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Portable Car Lifts for Home use?

Do any of you guys have a car lift in their garage like this?

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I have a HF jack and 6 ton stands currently, but my jack is maxing out on my Land Cruiser and its frankly kind of a pain the ass to get up in the air for tire rotations and what not. So I started researching portable lifts.

Does anyone have any experience with the portable lifts? I think one of these would be quite nice to have. I don’t need to be able to stand under my vehicle (and don’t have the garage height anyways), but being able to lift my truck 24-36" would be nice.


It looks like there are a number of brands out there, including a harbor freight variety, but I don’t know if I’d trust that. I kind of like the one above, since its open below the car. A lot of the others have cross bracing and what not in the way. Look like most 6,ooo lb versions are under $1,500, which is still a lot, but not terrible either.

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