Portland Meet

Repost for daytime folks: This past weekend my wife & I drove down to Portland via Astoria and the scenic 101 highway. We had dinner/drinks with Portland/Washington Oppos, but I will refrain from posting the group photo/doxing everyone. It was fantastic meeting people and seeing people again!

If you ever go, I recommend the Japanese Garden. I’m sure the Rose Garden is cool too, but in March...it’s just fields of twigs. We spent a lot of time/money drinking beer and eating....


Portland has great unhealthy food. Voodoo doughnuts was crazy busy, we waited a half an hour to spend $9 on two doughnuts and then get laughed at by passing Portlanders for stuffing our mouths with these stupid creations.

And no, I never tried Blue Star doughnuts, despite being informed by the locals it was better. I can only eat so many huge doughnuts and still fit in my Recaros. Next time!


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