Everything is organized for Portland! I think I’ve picked out our route down (it’s a little over 5 hours via I-5, but I want to take the scenic route down). We are going to be in town for the March 9th & 10th, heading back home on the 11th.

For you a rose in Portland grows - The only Portland themed pic I have

I’ve set up a Discord server, it’s what we have used in the past to set up PNW meets. Click here to join up.


I was thinking we’d meet up at the Rouge Eastside Pub at 6:00pm on March 9th, should have enough seating for a group.  Thanks to Potential Heap Owner for the recon info!

Still debating whether I want to take the CX-3 (comfort, room, mileage, less heat score) or the Fiesta...because fun.

Route Plan

We’ll be staying at the Eastlund in the Lloyd District, which Potential Heap Owner recommended due to proximity to transit/food/booze.

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