Portland Roadtrip

I can’t really recall the last time I took a road trip with someone. At least of a measurable distance and time.

My friend had his car stolen and it has been sitting with out the engine since last year. His plan is to get an RB25 in there, but he is having trouble finding an importer locally.

I’ve constantly been thinking of my R154 transmission. It hasn’t let me down, and the only hiccup is when it doesn’t want to go into reverse which is apparently fairly normal, but I’m always wondering when the thrust washer will go. Definitely something I could have addressed when the engine was out, but alas.


Well turns out the CD009 is an upgrade for both of us. Collins adapters makes adapter kits for both to mate up to the JZ and the RB, and the CD009 is known to hold almost anything you throw at it, it is now being found behind LS swaps as a cheaper alternative to a T56.

Since we decided we were both interested, I’ve been constantly on the lookout for a double buy, a junkyard within a reasonable distance that has two of these cars.

The stars aligned a while back when 3 popped up in eastern washington, but alas we missed our chance. This time around 3 popped up in Salem, a bit south of Portland.

After grabbing the Vins from the cars and plugging it in, we decided to drive down there to confirm what we were getting rather than risk receiving two of the not as good transmissions.


We left on Friday afternoon and immediately ran into one of these.


It isn’t as special since they have become legal and more are out there, but still always nice to see one out and about.

Also having a car guy to drive down with it was pretty much a game of spot the cool cars.


We were treated to a gorgeous sunset, almost enough to offset the mind numbing traffic we sat through tacoma.


After a 3-4 hour drive we ended up at a friend’s house to spend the night.

Went out to a converted school that is now a hotel, restaurant, several bars.


We had an early start to go grab the transmissions then get back on time for my friend to get to work.

We drove down to our destination.


Super nice guys on the phone, the price was discounted from the list for picking up two transmissions instead of one, and to top it off being portland no sales tax.

They pulled out the transmissions. One was missing the shifter, one was missing the dust guard for the drive shaft, but both had the external slaves (not HR) and the rubber bushings (not CD001 or CD008) .


With those picked up we headed back, a tip for people picking up long heavy objects, bring some bungie cords, you don’t need to strap it down, but strapping it to something flat and long will make it resist rotation. We bungie corded both transissions together after our first turn ended up with probably 200+ lbs rolling into the side of the trunk.


We even stopped by in Portland again for some Voodoo donuts, but after seeing the probably 3-400 person line, we decided to just head back.

Pulled into a gas station and I’m pretty sure this was the Hoonigans


The trailer had Chair Slayer on the back and the truck had a giant Angel Motorsports banner on it. Didn’t quite recognize the guys, but either big fans or the actual guys headed towards Pat’s Acres which was having an event that morning.


Also spotted this Mini that had an Oppo sticker.

It was already passing us by the time I got my camera out.

Was it worth the drive? Probably not (especially as a CD009, trans adapter kit, and the works popped up on craigslist two days after I paid for the transmissions), we ended up spending about $100 in gas plus food would have broke us even with the shipping cost, but being there in person I was able to talk to the guys about the missing parts, have them make a note that they were missing when we got them so they can’t put it on shipping or anything like that at a later date.


Getting that transmission in is going to be a treat, from a friend who has done it, he says it will fit, but it will involve pushing my motor forward 3-4 inches. That means lengthening the exhaust, new engine mounts, a trans mount, on top of shortening the shifter bracket and a new drive shaft. The good news is that I should break about even when I unload the R154.

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