Almost two years ago now, my wife quit her job of about 12 years to stay home with our children. She never thought she’d be a stay at home mom, but things at our daycare had turned bad, and things at her company had turned worse. The company was ... well, still is, for now... a previously very successful family run company, that had been swirling down the drain for a while when she quit. Honestly, she stayed longer than she should have at that place, because she loved a lot of her coworkers. Many of whom she is still in close regular contact with.

This is the “new” computer that one of her former coworkers just received.


Now, this should be embarrassing for a company to give to a low level administrator. The person who was given this machine is a 3D sculptor. An incredibly talented one at that.

This, my friends, is the epitome of penny smart, dollar stupid.

When my wife quit, I gave them 3-5 years before they were out of business. I’m feeling like that prediction was pretty spot-on.

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