POS Plow Truck Update

Update 1: I have not purchased a plow truck of any sort.

Update 2: Some sucker actually bought the worst truck I “looked at” (I pulled over to see it) - you might remember it - the floor was largely missing on the driver’s side and it had been replace with scrap wood, including what looked a lot like a piece of firewood. It’s back on Craigslist now. Originally listed at $1,250 as “running good” it’s back for $700 and “can’t get it started.” The ad also cites “no mechanical ability” as a reason for selling with the no-start... buy why would you buy something like that if you couldn’t fix a thing or two? That smells more like “I can’t be bothered to touch this POS” to me. 


I do feel a little bad for the buyer, who probably wanted a cheap way to keep their driveway plowed, and now they’re stuck with a $1,000 yard decoration. However, a cursory look at the thing told me to steer clear for any price. Ah, well. I’ll never forget the sheer redneck ingenuity that was the floor of that truck:

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On the other side of the coin, I got a bill from our plow guy this year, $160 for four storms. That’s... a lot cheaper than a truck. Even this one. Winter’s far from over, but this is a pretty good way to go, as it turns out.

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