Hey Oppo, last week my 1996 Golf was misfiring a bit and gave me a code for misfire on 1, so I figured I’d change spark plugs. I did plugs and wires (had to wait for a special tool and new wires to come in the mail, thanks VW for making cylinder 2 and 3 wires so hard to install) and tried to crank, and... nothing.

Well, not nothing. Right now I can crank it and the starter puts out two or three pulses, then the engine “kicks back”- I can feel it somewhat violently shake, almost like a backfire but without the sound. Weird part is this doesn’t happen when I disconnect distributor from the coil pack.

Then, after a few attempts, I noticed that I could smell gas in the engine bay, but with no visible leaks. So that’s weird.


Anybody have a guess? It’s an 8v 2.0 ABA engine.

Lifted Scion xB for your time.

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