Any time I’ve ever had a car, making it go fast has always been job one. Make it go fast, then make it look cool if there’s any money left. But in regards to my Monte Carlo, I’m about to become an enormous poseur.

I’ve decided to get the look right first before doing anything with the drivetrain. My thinking is that I want the car to run and drive right up to where I swap the engine, and I’m starting with wheels and tires. Specifically these tires: 

I really wish Hoosier made a street tire that looks exactly like that, but a DOT ribbed slick is good enough for me for now. And at $200 for a set of four, even if I wind up just using these for show/autocross or whatever, they’re worth buying. I’m ordering them tomorrow morning, and my wife is buying two as an anniversary gift (5 years tomorrow).

I’m also going to pick up some hood pins from Jeg’s and pin the hood and deck lid, because again, poseur. The way I figure it, this car is junk and I should be it’s last owner, so I’m not killing it’s resale value by adding to it’s Kurtis value. And everything I’m doing can move to a nicer Monte (or Grand Prix, oh my god do I want a g-body Grand Prix for this) in the future.


After wheels and tires, I’ll buy 2” drop spindles (along with new shocks/springs/bushings/lug studs/brake pads) for the front and 1” drop springs (plus the above) for the rear. I’ll get the stance I want, then set to work finding a 350 and stick swap parts for the winter.

I’m $800 into the car now, I think I can be under $2000 and have it looking exactly the way I want it to. Budget another $1500-2000 for the 350/stick combo, and I’m in decent shape.