Granted the paint is a few months old.

As posted last weekend, I detailed my girlfriends car. We’ve seen some snow/rain this week and the car lives outside but it still looks like it’s been just washed. The shine, feel and overall condition of the wolfgang seems a lot better this time around. The tire dressing seems to be holding up too. I bought Opti Bond from optimum when I got into detailing, but also purchased Gyeon Later in the year. I find that gyeon will come off quite quickly, especially after a rain. Opti bond was used here and still stays mostly intact. I think I’ll be moving along with that. On top of it, my girlfriend loves it so that always helps.


I have washed the new hotness weekly but haven’t gotten a chance for a decon, clay and seal for this. I will hopefully do it tomorrow unless my new detailing goodies don’t show up in time. I’m thinking later in the year I will step up the seal game and move to a Jescar Powerlock/Collinite 845 Combo. I also need a better quality clay. For now, this will get a wolfgang seal, barring if I can’t derail it fully for two weeks and change my mind in the meantime (which is normal for me). The hot pepper red hides dirt much better than the Kona. I got an oil change this week and my old kona is still on the lot and was FILTHY. This looks presentable in the picture but is quite dirty.

If you want to get into detailing yourself, it’s not hard but requires research, care and paying attention to the details. I’m in quite a few detailing groups on Facebook that have a lot of good (also OCD) knowledge. Svend is also a really great resource on here.