Possible aircraft hijacking. ET702 (OVER)

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Long story short, flight should have landed in Rome. Continued on to Switzerland, squawked with code 7500: aircraft hijacking.

Pistol Pete is the Transporter brings up a previous Ethiopian Hijacking:

They're lucky they landed safely. Hijacked Ethiopian Boeing 767s don't have a good track record.


Going to try and note all the big publications picking up:

BBC | CNN | SMH (Australian) | AP | ABC News

Look for the posts about why Twitter blew up over this before actual news channels. But, someone ping me if they actually have more than is available on Twitter.


h/t to @MatthewKeysLive and, @ThatJohn they've been keeping me up to date on Twitter, @wizkashifa. and to NoahthePorscheGuy and Pistol Pete is the Transporter, they've been linking me some great articles and pictures!

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