Welcome to late night rants with Logan. Sit back and enjoy it.

In case some of you don't venture to the front page, the NHTSA wants GM to recall 1.8 million trucks and SUVs because of rusting brake lines.

These GMT800 trucks, the ones that seem to be most affected, are at least 7 years old, and most of the complaints are coming from snow-belt states. Where most trucks on the road look like this:


Now, with these trucks being trucks, and being 7+ years old, you'd think owners would start looking for signs of rust on important things like brake lines. But no, it now becomes the manufacturers responsibility to make sure that a 7+ year old truck in a snow belt state doesn't have any rust! News flash, once GM's 6-year, 100,000 miles rust-through warranty expires, you're responsible for replacing rusted parts.

I'd also like to point out, this isn't GM-specific. Multiple commenters stated their non GM vehicles have had the exact same thing happen.

I'm actually going to side with GM that this is the status quo for cars and partially trucks from that time period. Its not really ok but everyone was doing it and if they recall the GM trucks they should recall all trucks and suvs made in that time period. I've had this same problem on a '99 ford, a cavalier, and an explorer.


So what about my friend's 96 Ranger that wound up meeting a ditch after its front brake lines rusted through? What about my dad's 01 F150 which has no bed or cab corners (or fuel tank straps, which were a recall a few years ago) due to rust?

Rust happens. There's a reason their current corrosion warranty is 6/100k. And that is a recent warranty.


Those are just two of the many that have had similar things happen. It's just something that happens on older vehicles. Parts get corroded and age and need to be replaced. I'm not asking GM for a recall because I had to replace my brake lines on my 20 year old Safari.


This is in no way GM's fault, or problem honestly. If the NHTSA makes them go through with a recall, damn near every other manufacturer needs to go through one as well.

Honestly, if this proves anything, it's shows some of GM's customer base are bigger idiots than I thought they were. And that's coming from a GM fanboy.


In case anyone didn't know, my parents own a 2004 Silverado that would be part of the affected trucks. Not a single brake issue at all.