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Possible Montego Wheels

UPDATE: I bought them. More info tomorrow!

Found an ad on CL for some original 1968 Mag 500’s off a Mustang.

Would be a staggered width set. 14x 5.5 up front and 14x7 out back.

What do you guys think?


Obviously need some black paint in the middle and a polish to the chrome.

I’ve always wanted Magnum 500s for the Montego and these are listed as $150 for the set, going to try and get him down some. No idea when I’d be able to afford some tires for them but, seems like a hell of a deal.

My Montego with stock wheels/hubcaps for reference:


EDIT:I want these center caps at some point (they shockingly cost almost as much as the used rims, 125).

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