Vancity Oppo/Jalop Meet




I’ve made an event (

January 20th at 7:00pm at Granville Island Brewing. I am using a third party event hosting engine. I will also copy the details here if you don’t want to use it, but Kinja sucks at coordinating things.

Secondary Event (Lookin’ at cars) 6pm: Lowest underground level of the parkade accessed off Old Bridge Street, approximate address is 1450 Old Bridge Street. Just keep driving down until you hit the bottom. Very deserted and covered in case of rain. Over height and alternate parking across the street on Old Bridge Street.


RSVP: Either at the above link or in the comments

Granville Island is a cool place with free parking after 7pm, fairly quiet at night, lots of beer and centrally located.


Any PNW Oppos from the USA would be more than welcome! Exchange rate is in your favor!

Granville Island

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