While searching for information on the B-52, I came across a forum where the following question was asked:

Does anyone know what the take off field length is for the B-52 at MTOW. Also, needing landing distances.

Seems like a simple question. Not so fast....

B-52 takeoff distance (S2 distance) is a function of brake release gross weight, pressure altitude, OAT (outside air temperature), and EPR (engine pressure ratio) used for takeoff (either TRT (takeoff rated thrust) or partial thrust). Furthermore, takeoff distance will be affected by winds (however a headwind, which would shorten takeoff distance, is disregarded for planning purposes and a tailwind (downwind takeoff) is to be avoided), runway gradient (takeoff distance is longer going uphill), and runway surface (water and slush standing on the runway will extend the ground run). Assuming flaps down, 8 engines, a 200 foot line-up distance and no wind, a maxed-out B-52H (488,000lbs brake release gross weight) at 500 feet pressure altitude, OAT of 60 degrees F and using TRT of 1.71 EPR on a level, dry runway should have a takeoff ground run of approximately 8000 feet. Under the same conditions except using partial thrust of 1.67 EPR, the ground run increases to approximately 8600 feet. For landing, landing ground run is a function of gross weight (which determines the speed flown on final), pressure altitude, OAT and RCR (runway condition reading). Also, winds, pilot braking technique, drag chute employment and airbrake position will affect landing ground run. All landings are planned assuming full flaps, no drag chute, 8 engines at idle, full airbrakes at touchdown and wheel brakes applied at touchdown speed minus 20 knots. Under these assumptions, a 270,000lb B-52H, using a best flare speed of 135 knots at airbrakes 4, pressure altitude of 500 feet, OAT of 60 degrees F and RCR of 23 (dry runway), no wind, no gradient, would have a planned landing ground run of approximately 4900 feet. Under normal landing conditions (drag chute deployed at touchdown, wheel brakes at 90 knots), all other conditions the same, the ground run drops to approximately 4100 feet. The previous figures do not include landing flare distance, which, under these conditions, would be approximately 3300 feet. I can give you TOLD for a G model also if you want that.