The MGB GT has always punched way above its weight, at least in the looks department. The classic long hood/short deck design combined with a practical hatchback is a potent combination that hits both the right and left sides of your brain simultaneously (much like the Volvo P1800ES) and you find yourself silently mouthing "I love you" at a total stranger's car. But in 1974 there were a few changes. If the post '74 GTs were a person, they would be your uncle Terry. You remember Terry. He's a suave world traveler, he's still handsome, but after that mountaineering accident on the side of Mount Everest he's got a permanently black frostbitten nose. Hard to not stare. Add a bit of a paunch, and his pants pulled up a little too high, and you've pretty much got the story of the post 1974 MGB GT.

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