Post-axle replacement update

Both axles have now been replaced. I have been doing short test drives over the last few days but don’t really want to go on the highway yet until I get a tech to check the torque on my inner joints. Was hearing a tapping sound, but I figured out it was just a brake heat shield that got moved a bit when doing the driver’s side axle and bent it back into place.
I have an alignment and general inspection scheduled for tomorrow at a Monroe Muffler (since I found a $20 off coupon and no other shop would charge less than them). I went over to Autozone to return their torque wrench and breaker bar, and just for giggles had an OBDII scan done since I didn’t feel like carrying my laptop out to my car to use my VCDS cable.
Previous record was 3 codes, but now it’s 5!

P0131- because the front O2 sensor is bad. I will do nothing.
P0341- because the hall sensor in the distributor is bad. I’ll get to it; the new dizzy is in my kitchen.
P0133- again, bad front O2 sensor. It’s whatever.
P1128- code description is “long term fuel trim B1 system too lean.” I suspect this is because my fuel pump is starting to go- I have a spare in the car along with all the tools to fix it, just haven’t gotten to it yet. Forums say this may also be MAF sensor related, which is also well within the realm of possibility because...
P0102- “MAF sensor circuit low input”- I accidentally ran for a few minutes with the MAF disconnected, so I think this is a dummy code. I’ll do a code reset and see if it comes back.

I’m going to get a new fuel filter while I’m at it. They’re cheap. Next up is clearing codes and seeing if the P1128/P0102 come back, which means I get to clean/replace the MAF sensor. A new one goes for between $60 and $230 which... not great, but not terrible? Oh well. That bridge will have to be crossed eventually.

I also noticed that my middle brake light seems to be running on two bulbs instead of however many it should be. I’d like to get a new unit or replace bulbs, but I can’t find any replacements online for it. I might take it apart and figure out what the bulb is and just find a replacement that way.


Suzuki XL-7 for your time.

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