Post-Christmas Christmas Post

I enjoy Cracked. I especially like David Wong and John Cheese - even though Cheese was laid off at the beginning of December. Jason Pargin is one of the best essayists of my generation.

Anyway, here’s an article about the real meaning of Christmas - and how it’s meant that since before history. I share it on Facebook every year.


So in my mind, the Christians complaining about people losing sight of the real meaning of the holiday are right, in the sense that people do forget that it’s supposed to be about generosity, redemption, forgiveness, and clinging to hope in a world turned dark, cold, and cruel. But it stood for those things before it was called Christmas... This is humanity in a nutshell: When faced with the cold specter of death, we put on festive sweaters and eat cookies and sing songs about a jolly supernatural being who brought joy to our lives before the spring came along and he melted, leaving only his hat behind.

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