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Post crash recovery with Peter Black

Sooo sundays ride went tits up and I have been at a hospital since.

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(The last photo of the daytona that I currently have)

The extent of my injuries are:

fractured T1 to T9

Internal brain bleeding

Fractured ribs

fractured shoulder blades.

All in all. The fact that I bounced off a guardrail pole at speed shows the importance of good gear.


In this case, im going to hand it to my lid and my jacket. While a lid is better then no lid, the SNELL rated bell race star i had on certianly did its job protecting my noggin.

The second bit of gear that I credit my life to is the aigbag jacket I was wearing. That 2cm layer of pressurized CO2 that grabbed me once I went down lessed my bounce off the ground and 100% kept me from splitting my spine in 2 on the post.

Now, to make this clear, im not paid or endorsed by these two companies whatsoever. I am simply bored, and kept awake by a hospital roommate that snores like a mack truck on a jake brake.


dam fucking straight I will. Insurance and cost of replacing my daytona will be major factors. But I will ride again.


Ama I guess.

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