The Accord has been neglected, used, and abused over the last couple of months. I usually keep my cars clean, but I’ve gotten out of the habit of detailing the Honda. I guess it’s because I’m going to sell it soon and my heart just hasn’t been in the “keeping-it-clean” mode.


I started with cleaning out the trunk and the glove box, and my God I’ve collected a lot of crap. I have a trunk organizer that I discovered all the missing umbrellas in. I also seem to have been stashing pens and pencils in my glove box in case of war with Russia and someone needed to write down exactly when the bombs dropped.

Anyway, wheels were washed, carpets vacuumed, wheel wells dressed, paint washed, and finished up with a layer of Klasse AIO. It really needs me to break out the dual action polisher and remove some of the swirls. But after 4 hours of decluttering, washing, vacuuming, and cleaning the only dual-anything on my mind is two beers.

I am drinking Boddingtons tonight. What do you drink after a good day of detailing your ride?

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