Nightshift over.

Crazy night, not bad but disorganised.

EDIT: for story behind it.

I went out for lunch for a few beers with a mate Wednesday to Eaten By Monsters near where I live. My ate had the Monster Mac while I had the flat iron steak. The Monster Mac looked interesting but I usually say, ‘if you can’t fit it (without a good squeeze) into your mouth without disassembling it first, it’s not a proper burger. But he enjoyed it so I thought I’d give it a go. Really enjoyed it.

Eaten By Monsters is one of those studenty arty farty placeswhere everything it ‘rustic’ and ‘charming’.



So what say you.

Brioche bun, Wagyu burger, slice of Lancashire cheese, pickled gherkin, brioche bun, Wagyu burger, slice of Lancashire cheese, barbecue beef brisket, crispy streaky bacon topped with the top of the brioche bun. Smokey seasoned wedges and a bottle (ahem or two) of Birra Moretti alla Toscana.


Bang tasty.