I can’t draw rims for my life, and I can barely draw cars to begin with :/
Good God

Here’s my latest concept and my very first car drawing from years ago. Post your car drawings below!

Hmm... Have some bonuses:

My very second drawing.... This was like 2010 I think.
Drew this in under 20 minutes for a school assignment about pollution last week. I kinda butchered the left light, the wheels and....everything


My sister did a car research project about a Mustang and refused to use this title paper...
Can’t draw from angles
Another crap perspective drawing


Truck thing that I made up.... Again I can’t draw rims so it’s blank until I can
Came to me in a freak brainwave
I posted this a while back, it’s my version of the MkV Supra before I saw the new one


Bonus shoe drawing I made on medications