Post Race Weekend Chat with Alejandro Fernández of Red Bull GRC

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In Red Bull GRC there are two series; Supercars and the spec based Lites series. Engines in Lites are sealed and minimal vehicle tweaks are allowed so it is up to each driver’s skill to be their own competitive advantage. Skills are both on and off the track with their own personalities. Drivers like Alejandro Fernández do a great deal of fan service. In the pre-race grid I saw fans walking all around the cars and sending friendly gestures to drivers as they wait for the signal to go onto the track. During this moment of focus for drivers a group of fans were able to pose with Fernández while he was seated in his car for photographs. This is just one of the many moments why fans can enjoy a day or weekend at a Red Bull GRC event with two levels of racing.


After the second day of racing I had a moment to speak with Alejandro Fernández.
From the sounds of it he enjoyed driving on the oval. Upon exit of the oval Fernández would “downshift to line the car up after the turn” and “stay to the right side of the cones after the bank”. On the 35.4% dirt track there can be changes to the course between the heats and especially the days. Fernández noted, that on Saturday he was able to be wide on the throttle leading up to the jump but had to be “easier on the throttle” on Sunday. He was softer on the throttle since over jumping was occurring. Even though it was a platform jump, at 70 feet it’s not something I would want to over jump. I would like to thank Alejandro Fernández for his time and continually being the Lite’s crowd favorite.

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