“Luxury” is weird in that manufacturers scramble to do new features, only to remove them in later models.

It seems they’re just trying to one-up each other with stuff nobody has thought of. But some of it is actually completely worthless. Post some of these!

  • One example is the switchable horn in the W126 S-Class Doug reviewed recently
  • There’s also that freaky seatbelt mechanism in American cars where it slides along the roof, no idea what’s with that
  • There are those corner markers on some Japanese cars that have disappeared I think
  • I’m going to throw in things like 4 wheel steering which was big in the 80s/90s then sort of disappeared until recently (arguably a luxury item)
  • My buddy’s Evo VI has a button to spray water onto the intercooler (definitely not a luxury thing)
  • Headlight wipers are absurd