Post some forgotten luxury car features

“Luxury” is weird in that manufacturers scramble to do new features, only to remove them in later models.

It seems they’re just trying to one-up each other with stuff nobody has thought of. But some of it is actually completely worthless. Post some of these!

  • One example is the switchable horn in the W126 S-Class Doug reviewed recently
  • There’s also that freaky seatbelt mechanism in American cars where it slides along the roof, no idea what’s with that
  • There are those corner markers on some Japanese cars that have disappeared I think
  • I’m going to throw in things like 4 wheel steering which was big in the 80s/90s then sort of disappeared until recently (arguably a luxury item)
  • My buddy’s Evo VI has a button to spray water onto the intercooler (definitely not a luxury thing)
  • Headlight wipers are absurd

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