Oh god, I LOVE curvy flares on an old ‘stang.

I just drove, according to the trip-B odometer, 1,810.0 miles from CO to MO and back. Nothing substantial, true, but among the 24 hours driving across impossibly green Kansas hills, the mind has time to think about all things. And then a black, with one wide white stripe over the top, 1966+ fastback Mustang zips by the other way. Gaping grill and all. Thoughts other than car thoughts got tossed out the window like an apple core.

I want car things. We all want things. Everyone’s gotta have a hobby. Our hobbies are to dream where we can’t have. Yet when we can have, the dream becomes, oh, complicated let’s say. I have a two-car garage. It is highly unlikely to move in the next 20-30 years into a house with a 4 car or larger garage and I have not the space to build a large workshop for all of the things that I will soon embark upon. Fun cars, track car(s), projects+, etc. Airplanes can creep in there too if I can ever justify operating a Commanche 250 or Fairchild F-24.


What I need is a separate workshop elsewhere not too far away. Where at my parent’s home a giant shop/former US Steel church building can be had for just over $400,000 ( I found it a mid-Missouri morning paper) That would just buy the land to build a building on, if not just half the land the way things are going in Boulder County Colorado, or anywhere in the Denver metro area frankly.

What’s a dreamer to do? At the minimum, I want to finish the Mini then hit a ‘66 Mustang-(aluminum headed i6) and a 240z and a Model-A sedan and anything else that strikes my fancy. The cost of that kind of living is only supported in most cow and breadbasket states.

What’s a dreamer to do when the dreams are a near reality, but the infrastructure is such an obstacle? What do the California guys do? I suppose I better lock down some land over the neighboring county line before things get completely out of control.

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