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Post Your Autocross Weekend Routine

Via CarAndDriver. Mine is less blue.

I’m competing this Sunday. My MR2 has a new issue that makes lateral-G shenanigans wholly un-advisable, so I’m taking a 2015 Honda Fit (CVT) (LOL) instead.

I will be checking tire pressures and emptying out the car today. Folding down the seats for a much lower center of gravity. Handling! Checking oil and adding a little more if necessary.


The gas is at about 2/3 of a tank so I probably won’t even need to fill any more before Sunday. I get 40+ MPG most of the time in daily driving.

I’ll pack snacks, Gatorade, a folding chair, my helmet, and shoe polish. Closed-toed shoes too. The polish isn’t for them though, it’s for the tires.

H-Street is the class I’ll compete in. Might do well or might not. The car’s on the stock eco-tires.

Have I missed anything? What’s your routine for an autocross weekend?

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