In this thread we will care. All your other friends who you tell stories to that humor you but in the back of their mind want you to stop... we're not those friends. Tell your stories here.

I'm up against Peyton Manning this week. I figured the week was a lost cause because I only got 16 points out of Ray Rice and 4 points out of Eric Decker. My opponent got 46 out of Manning and 9 out of Tucker on Thursday. I figured I'd "tank" the week so I could get #1 on the waiver wire. I really need a TE and Julius Thomas is available. So I made 3 changes to "hurt" my team.

I put Eddie Lacy in for Chris Johnson (11.5 points vs. 7 points)I put Brian Hartline in for Vincent Brown (19.5 points vs. Unknown)
I put Jermichael Finley in for Coby Fleener (12.5 points vs. 0.5)

Essentially I've gained approximately 30 points by trying to tank. Add Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, and the Seahawks Defense and I'm sitting on 134.5 points (most in my league). My Opponent also has Anquan Boldin (bastard!) but needs ~25 points from the Texans Defense tonight to beat me. I'll be hoping the San Diego offense scores a bunch of points.

I pretty much owe this success to his RBs combining for 2 points. (David Wilson had -3 and I forget his other RB who had just 5)