The MR2 post on Jalopnik this morning reminded me how much I cherish my own MR2. Every day I smile to drive such a bright, happy car. What are your most awesome adventures with your car?

My favorite type of car moment was exemplified when I was leaving the parking garage at my university a few weeks ago. It was a Thursday, much like today, around 5pm. Not much traffic in the structure since classes were already out.

Each level of the structure has four aisles with parking spots on either side. The 3rd aisle also serves as a ramp between levels. I was driving along the 4th aisle towards the ramp to leave the structure. I saw another car out of the corner of my eye, going up the ramp and entering aisle 2, on the far side of the ramp.

As I turned to go down the ramp, I heard a screech of brakes from the car in aisle 2. It began to reverse, and came into view from behind some cars parked in the aisle.

It was another MR2! I stopped on the ramp and waved, activating the pop-up headlights in the universally rad gesture of respect and acknowledgement. The other MR2 reflected the same gesture.


I continued on my way and the other MR2 continued towards finding a parking spot. We haven’t crossed paths since, but it’s moments like that which remind me that I drive something special. It’s the sense of community and shared understanding.

Pictured: Not the same MR2 (I saw a first-gen in the parking garage but this red one is a 2nd gen like mine)

While my car isn’t complete (from the standpoint of modification), it’s still the source of many acknowledging nods and headlight pop-ups.


The fact that I can drive a car that’s not perfect, but still awesome to certain segments of the community, has always been worth the trouble of keeping such an old vehicle on the road.

What’s your favorite adventure or moment with your car?