Posting in the middle of the night

Because I don’t have too many other places to get some real reactions to this.

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I’m assembling a pretty all-star design lineup for an event in Flint, Michigan, in a month. Just sorta happened. The poster’s all mine, at this point. Hope to get some decent remixes before the event.

Just Forrest-Gumping it, at the moment. The theme is demystifying and democratizing the design and development process for future entrepreneurs and people who just care about making the world better.


So rip up the poster, and if you want the PSD I’ll send it (I made rules for it). If you think it’s a bad idea, I’m happy to tell you why and how you’re wrong. If you want to join in, and show up in Flint in a month, I’ll be super happy to have you there.


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