You win some, you lose some I suppose. Today has been an interesting day…I’m typically pretty quiet in the kinja universe, but made a random comment on a (political/gun related) post on Gawker – and apparently I have many many dozens of recommendations that I did not expect whatsoever. You may look through my commenting history if you’re curious about the post.

At the same time – I made a comment using Disqus on SFist (my local branch of the Gothamist universe) on an article relating to Uber. Again somewhat political – Uber gets quite a lot of heat nationally, and especially locally here in SF for their ruthless business tactics, etc. – and I generally agree with these. SFist of all people are typically very vocal about these anti-Uber posts. But today (pretty sure its not an April Fools joke) they post a “Uber allows you to see your user rating now – let’s compare! Show me yours, I’ll show you mine!” type post. Was highly surprised by this because all the SFist writers tend to be pretty anti-Uber on their articles, but here they all are with cute little bios sharing their ratings. Link to article if anyone is curious –

My comment was actually in response to someone else’s comment basically being surprised that SFist would even post this, and that it is highly hypocritical for a site that regularly hates on a company and advices against supporting their competitors, to suddenly come out showing that they’re all habitual users of the company in question.


No warning, no nothing – my post is deleted, as are all my previous posts and my account is blocked. Seriously?


They hear one word of criticism that they don’t like and censor me out of existence? I really didn’t expect to feel this enraged by something like this and at least in this instance, and as a result of this experience must really hand it to Jalopnik and Gawker in general – they post a lot of stupid shit, and commenters are ruthless to the authors calling them out on it and being really rude and personal about it at times. But they’re pretty damn good about letting these comments be or taking it in stride.

I’ve written to the SFist editor asking to explain themselves and reach a truce…we’ll see what they say.