I have not treated myself to a “new” cell phone since the iPhone 3G. I always bought slightly used devices or took hand me downs. I’ve always had a hard time swallowing the increasing prices of the phones I want, and there is no fucking way I’m making payments on a phone.

I have had a second hand iPhone 7 for about two years. I have replaced the battery twice (once when I first got it), and the screen is a little scratched but it is otherwise fine. However, I now have a child, a classic BMW, and a bunch of animals...So I’m trying to take some PICS. Which is the only real reason I wanted the phone. So last week when I was in our weekly meeting with my boss, I was like “can I get a phone?”, to which he said “yeah and you don’t have to ask me stuff like that, lol”


So I quickly ordered an iPhone 11 pro space grey 256gb! I just got it and it’s neat! However data transition is so good, and innovation has slowed a good bit when it comes to phones. So I had it setup and logged back into all of my accounts in an hour or so...Now I have the same phone on much newer nicer hardware...

Anyway the camera is super good! The weather is crappy and my cars are dirty or I’d show ya. Hopefully soon.

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