There is something very nerve wracking about the selling your own car. * update below*

Part of it is stressful because it takes time and you never know what the persons going to offer or what’s going to sway them.

I’m also worried because we have a family trip in 3 weeks that I think my wife would be not impressed if we were taking the E34. So I chose a crap time to try.

One potential candidate

Mazda 6 hatchback (22 sq ft behind the seats, 56 with em folded), although the only one within 100 miles of me is a freakishly low mile and therefore slightly out of price range car and it has the 2.3 engine, which isn’t a deal breaker as some people do some cool tuning with that engine but I’d rather just have the v6 up front.


*Update: the tech/mechanic told them the transmission may have a problem and that the fluids(I knew the PS and brake fluids both should be flushed around 150k, which is soon, tsk tsk on me I guess for not doing it before listing) looked old. They didn’t say what the problem was, just that he thought something may be wrong with the transmission and if they paid for a fuller inspection he’d let them know his conclusion on it. I had the trans fluid changed at the dealer last year and they said it seemed pretty clean without debris and there were no other signs of problems.

The potential buyer asked me to pay for the fuller inspection. Nope! I’ll just put the money towards new power steering and brake fluids. I guess tsk tsk on me for not doing that before putting it up for sale. I may just live with the big mean green until it dies.