I get why people like black cars. They look slick. They look sinister. They look like Johnny Cash on 4 wheels.

And almost any body-style, I have no real problem, other than they can be a bit hard to see, they tend to mask the design, for better or for worse... and they are by all reports, insanely difficult to maintain and keep looking good.

However, Convertibles in black, I don’t get. Convertibles are cars for fun and sun. They are spring, summer, and fall. They are for the enjoyment of the great outdoors, and inspire people to enjoy, and be a little bit happier. Especially sports car convertibles, especially SMALL sports car convertibles.


They are the antithesis to a hearse... they are informal, and lively, not formal, and somber as a funeral.

In sunny weather, BLACK also has the highest thermal gain, and gets HOTTER.

Why should any convertible be painted black?

Why should a convertible, like the ND Miata come in black, but hardly any other vibrant colors other than Soul Red, and a very muted blue... then grayscale.


Why should S2000 be well known for being either silver or black?

Why aren’t convertibles still the poster children for continuing high vibrance colors... they aren’t economy cars... they aren’t family sedans, they aren’t appliances, they aren’t just about minimizing the appearance of dust. They are about LIFE, and maybe a little more abundantly than without a convertible.

Do the world a favor... if you want a fun car, especially a fun-in-the-sun car...


Get a fun in the sun COLOR on your car. Enjoy it. Let other people see it and brighten their day a little, too.


...Caution, however, side effects include singing to the radio, smiling uncontrollably, waving at strangers, or potentially going “full-Corky Romano.”