While cleaning out a drawer, I found some paperwork for my old 2009 Ranger. I bought it new in 2009 when my Caravan’s transmission started to eat itself. It was the first (and only to this point) new vehicle I’ve ever bought.

Here it was on the day I brought it home. You can see my husband’s old SX4 parked a couple spaces over. I was incredibly lucky to find a base Ranger in an actual color; the dealer was flooded with white and silver ones. It was the base XL but it did have a couple extras, like the 40/20/40 sport bench, an upgraded stereo with an aux jack, and a/c, but it was manual everything and 2WD. I really loved that truck, and I should have kept it instead of trading it four and a half years later for my Fiat 500 Sport.


Anyway, the paperwork had the VIN on it, so I decided to see what happens when I Google it. The results are a bit tragic.

I has a sad.

I know for sure it’s mine because of this pic:


See the panel gap where the fender meets the leading edge of the door? That was due to me t-boning some poor guy in a Taurus when the roads were icy. the shop that repaired my front end didn’t get it quite right there, but I just left it because it didn’t bother me that much.

I traded it with 78k on the clock. Here’s where it finished.


It basically averaged about 20k per year. The interior needs a good Svending but looks like it’s actually in good shape still.


Per the site I found it at, it was sold thru Copart in Florida back in August for $2k. Without looking under it, it looks like the bed took the brunt of it and that the frame may not have been damaged. I hope someone bought it and made it into a flatbed or something.

I salute you, Ranger. You were a good soldier.

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