Having spent years in the airline industry as well as public transportation, I have been conditioned to operate with week ending on Sunday. So I sat down today to file a weekly unemployment benefit form and found that this gov’t office considers the week to be from Sunday to Saturday. This means that I can’t file until next Saturday, with the money arriving several days after that. D’oh!

I did get my W2 and went ahead and filed my taxes on Friday. My refund isn’t much to get excited about, but it’s a few hundred, and that should keep the landlord off my back. There was one figure that had me groaning, and that’s how much less I made in 2019 as compared to 2019 - about $17,000 less. Fuck cancer and the time off work (and termination) it cost me.


Wish me luck finding a job that pays as well as my last one...

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