So, I need your collective googling power Oppo, I am hunting to replace what I thought was a legit Anti-Gravity XP-10 but turns out is just a cheap knockoff that could explode in my car any time it really feels like it. I was offered a decent replacement price on a real XP-10 but I’ve come to the conclusion that 1 amp of charging for a 18 Ahr battery doesn’t really cut it, especially since its way too easy to draw more than double that just charging a phone. So here is what I am looking for and can’t seem to find:

1. 14 ahr battery minimum (no sealed lead acid batts, AGM...okay)

2. 600 amps jump starting capability

3. must be chargeable from a 12v source and have overcharge protection (leave it plugged in)

4. It needs to have at least a couple of USB ports and 1 12v cig output (120vac or other outputs gravy)

5. no more than $250

6. 30w input minimum current.

The goal of this unit would be to leave in my car plugged in and to use it as a power center to charge camera/phone batteries and to act as a “house” battery for a future in portable fridge. Something like a goal zero yeti...but with jump starting would be ideal.


Anyone find anything in their hunting that could fit the bill?