having lost a little motivation because I have been working on getting the interior wiring on the black donor car back together, which is boring, because I don’t plan to keep that car in the long run so work on it brings me no joy, and it’s all a downgrade. So to bring back some motivation I spent this weekend doing some “upgrades” on the red car.

Before: manual windows, locks, and mirrors.


Before: I was surprised to find what appear to be funcitonal speakers, the rear of the car had COMPLETELY trashed speakers. All speakers when connected to the radio that was in the car were barely functional, which I had assumed was because the fronts were going to be blown stock paper cone speakers, but now I Asuspect it was the terrible wiring behind the head unit that was failed.

From a previous post, here are the rear speakers:


After: now has power windows, a power actuator for the locks, an added stock tweeter, power mirror, a little storage cubby. I also swapped over the lock cylinder so it now matches the ignition which had been previously swapped from the donor car because the steering column had some features I wanted.


Worth noting that I only got the passenger side done, and without the driver’s side being done the power window won’t work, as it’s a complete circuit. Something I learned when doing the same on my white civic.

This pic taken before tearing down the black car’s door (so I’d know where things go) show the “upgraded” red speakers I moved over to the red car (it’s always nice to match your unseen speakers to your paint colour). The plastic vapor barrier was just so degraded it crumbled, it did the same on the red car. So for now there is no vapor barrier in my car. Once I confirm all the newly installed electronic components work, I’ll cover with new sound deadening. For now though, it’s surprising just how loud the door is without that thin piece of plastic in place.


Again, one can argue that I have only made my red car worse. I have installed all these power components, and a speaker, but none of them work as yet without the driver’s side components and a radio and some wiring to be finished. So I have actually lost functionality as the mirror and window cannot be moved.

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