Power Steering Kit, M37 project update

I got the Snake River 4X4 power steering kit for the M37. I was going to rebuild the knuckles with bearings but that would have maybe made the tough steering twice as good. I think the labor for a Power Wagon expert I know was not cheap anyways so I thought why not just do this and be happy in tight parking lots. This guy makes brackets to fit where the original steering box is, uses a Saginaw 1970's rebuilt Dodge unit and a Ford 1 ton pump, along with some bits to make life easier. My friend had some family issues and the truck paint job was delayed a bit, but he is back at it. We are also doing the usual electronic ignition, electric fuel pump and spin on fuel filter. I don’t know when Vintage Power Wagons will begin delivering the 4.89 gears but I could drive the truck up to a blistering 45mph in the meantime. But I think they should be getting those out soon.

Some of the stuff:


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