Hi all,

Quick question! In the last few weeks, I’ve been periodically hearing a squeaking sound coming from the front of my car. It didn’t seem to be suspension as it wasn’t only when I went over bumps, and it doesn’t seem to be a wheel bearing as it’s not constant when it does happen. It’s not brakes either, as it doesn’t happen when I’m slowing down.

I had my driver’s window down this morning as I was driving around town slowly, and seemed to notice it only happens when I’m driving slowly and when I’m turning. some quick testing shows that it only seems to make the noise when I’m steering the car, so for I tested it by turning from full lock to full lock while I’m parked.


At near full lock in either direction, I can feel the pump ‘skipping’. I checked the fluid and it is full. I used to hear the belt squeal near full lock a while ago once and awhile, but I haven’t heard that in a long time so I figured that may have been just something like the cold (it’s been warmer lately).

Is something going in my power steering rack? Or could it just be down to something like a loose belt? I should say that the squeaking I’m hearing sounds completely different than the belt squeal, so I know that the squeaking isn’t just the belt slipping because they sound different.

Penny for Oppo’s thoughts?

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