The Honda Grom sports 9 horsepower. 9hp is laughable, but not as funny as getting a ticket for an unsafe pass on a 9hp motorcycle. Even the officer thought that was funny. 

I mentioned that I have lost some weight in my post warning you all of the dangers of sugar free candy. I’m 5'10" and I was 188lbs at my worst (about two months ago) I’m now a touch under 165lbs. I rode the Grom back from lunch today and oh the POWA! haha

I used to have to tuck as tight as I could on a flat section and wait to get much over 55mph. I can now get 60mph sitting upright! I might have been able to get a little more, but I don’t go on the highway with the Grom. The surface of back roads that I take to/from work aren’t the best for “pushing it” on a tiny motorcycle on scooter wheels. I’m waiting until I’ve met my goal to do the actual power to weight calculation, but I’m expecting to gain the equivalent of one whole horsepower!

I know, I know, it’s time for a real bike. I’ve got to lose a car first.

Also “David and Goliath” pic.