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Powerful Motivational Cruise Music

If you’re into hardcore or just need a pick me up, this song will keep you going. It’s about realizing you do in fact have value, you are useful and that you can be who you want to be. To cherish what you have been given.

So much passion in this song. I listen to things like this when I need a boost.

What does oppo listen to when they need a boost?

I know that what’s in front of me
Is a reflection of what is inside of me
And I see I need to be myself
‘Cause it’s so lonely in the eyes of someone else
And I feel, oh how I feel
Yeah I feel and I always will
I starve to live free from fear
To free myself before I disappear
I am forever more than just surviving
This is my life and this life is my diamond

My time, your time, our time is running out


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