Praguian chopped Beetle channels its inner Batmobile

We went to Prague last summer to attend a friend's wedding and my wife used that opportunity to show me the city (I've been to Prague several times but I don't have any sober memories of those visits...). The old city definitely has a kind of Gothic vibe and it's easy to understand why so many movies are filmed there.

As we rounded a street corner, I saw this heavily-customized matte-black beetle; If batman had to ride in a VW Bug, I think this would be it.


I'm not really a fan of Beetles' in general (something about the car's origins and all), but I have to admit this one stands out in a great way; not only did they chop the roof, and rework the C-Pillars, but they've also got rid of the bumpers and added rear-wheel well intake thingies that make it look really dynamic (scooby points to anyone who can tell me what those things are called).

I'm sure the ride sucks, and it's under-powered with poor visibility but, in a city like Prague, that thing just looks right.

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