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One of the things about being a herbivore in quarantine times is it’s very easy to last a long time between grocery trips, as long as I buy everything I need on the rare occasions I venture into a store. It’s been no problem going 3+ weeks between grocery trips. I’m a great cook and have the time, and combined with paranoia about interacting with other humans, It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve gotten any takeout.


But yesterday I finally gave in to my cravings for Joe’s Noodle House. I got veggie chow fun, spicy tasty fried tofu, szechuan string beans, leeks/bamboo shoots/bean sprouts, and a scallion pancake. HHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGG.

Maryland has been good about providing guidance to businesses on how to operate, so this was a takeout free of face to face human interaction. I paid when I called in the order, and Joe’s had a little table set up in their vestibule where they leave the packed up orders with receipts on them to identify whose order it is. I still masked up and wore gloves, and we put all the takeout containers in the oven on 175 for a few minutes before we ate, juuuuuust in case.


I’m still planning on keeping my grocery shopping as infrequent as possible, but I may just have to do a little more takeout here and there. I love my cooking but after 6 weeks of feeding myself and my wife all on my own it was such a treat to stuff my face with some Joe’s goodness. We’ll see.

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