I went out for a rip on the TDM the other day. Was a great ride through some twisty roads alongside farmland. I say “was” due to an incident before a medium speed, blind corner. Coming up on the turn, there’s a farm field to my right. I see a crown Vic with a brush guard on a little dirt path through the field. Looks like a field car. However as I approach, the crown Vic rips up to the road line, and the kid driving it pops out of the driver’s side holding what looks like a radar gun as I go to set up for the turn.....

Thanks, you little shit. Almost had a bad day and got pretty badly rattled. Of course, I looped back around and he had taken off down the dirt path. I hung around a little bit and watched him do it to another rider.


If you or your crotchspawn think this is acceptable, then please insert a cactus into each and every one of your orifices. Thank you.

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