Help me Oppo! Since I’m traveling for work, my wife is effectively a single mom and is having to take on all of the transportation duties (2+ hours a day), meals, taking care of the house, studying for her exams, etc. This daily grind has become too much. So, we’ve taken a couple of radical steps and they’re killing me.

First, my daughter is driving to school. That may not seem like much, but every day she has to traverse this:

Yes, it looks like this just about every day. She’s had a lot of practice with me in the car and she’s done well, but now she’s on her own. At least the Outback is reliable, has good visibility, and is pretty safe.

The second radical change? My wife is now driving my WRX! We decided to wait until she’s finished her exams and is employed again before replacing her Explorer. It’s the responsible thing to do and saves us quite a bit on insurance since we have three drivers and only two vehicles. Once we add that third vehicle, our rates will go up significantly.


Before the Explorer, every vehicle my wife owned was a five speed. But she’s been spoiled and is out of practice. I worry for the clutch in my little zippy car.

And me? I’m stuck in a rental while I travel. The latest is a Ford Fusion hybrid. It started asking for an oil change this week, so I’ll be swapping it out for something different this afternoon. Who knows what it will be....


And the help I’m seeking? Thoughts and prayers are great. Send ‘em our way!